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A Beginner's Guide to Performant Design Decisions

This article was originally published on the Foundry on September 21, 2015.

I’m extremely excited by the influx of practitioners of all roles becoming interested in performance. There has been a large change in the conversation, thanks in no small part to Lara Hogan’s book (available for free—you have no excuse not to read it!) discussing the real performance issue being company culture and process.

I’m a firm believer that good performance requires education—not only for our own teammates of all disciplines but education for our clients from the first day of our engagement about how and why performance benefits our project. Only after we are all on the same page can performance truly shine throughout the entire process. One of my favorite performance conversations that has been picking up steam has been centered around what other roles outside of development can do to prioritize performance in our work, specifically designers. There are many things that a designer has to balance to craft a thoughtful and useful design, and aesthetic is a wildly important piece of that. Many people think that a fast site means boring design, but it is a balancing act to ensure that a site looks beautiful while delivering the content fast. Through trial and error the past year or so, I have found and tested various processes that help me keep performance as a priority in my work.

We Still Let Harassers Participate In Our Community

Earlier this week, I was discussing with some fellow women speakers about unwanted advances we have received from other speakers. It sparked a discussion about how many notable speakers in this industry sexually harass, degrade, and generally make women uncomfortable at events. What upsets me is that these men keep being allowed to promote themselves, be on these lineups, and perpetuate their same harassment. Even worse, when talking to trusted friends of mine (who are men) about these stories—many of them were completely aware that these men were dirtbags.

How to Start a Podcast in 10 Days

We’ve now officially released 3 episodes of Path to Performance, the podcast that I co-host with Tim Kadlec. It’s kind of wild to think of how we went from 0 to episode 1 in the span of only a week, and now we have a full blown podcast that people actually listen to! The best part is that it’s fun, and a really nice break from designing and writing.

People have lots of questions about starting a podcast, and I think it tends to seem more complicated (or maybe less complicated?) than it really is. There’s lots of resources out there on how to start podcasting but I’m here to tell you some quick and easy ways to just GET OUT THERE AND RECORD and some of the snags we ran into along the way.

Thank You For Being a Friend

I grew up online. Not my entire life, but most of my formative years. I’m not sure if this makes me Gen Y or Millenial or part robot, but it’s what I’m used to. I wanted to share the impact this has had on my life and friendships I’ve had through the years.

Let’s take a quick trip back to 1997 America Online. I remember this commercial, I’m sure you do too. Or at least one like it. They advertised connecting with anyone in an instant. I was a kid who watched a lot of Nickelodeon and they’d always advertise “use AOL Keyword: ‘Nick’ to access all things Nickelodeon!” I begged my parents to get AOL, because I thought I was missing out on some crucial Rugrats funtimes that everyone else in the world had.

Amazing Women to Enrich your Timeline: Part 4

I’ve been extremely happy that so many people have used this list to expand their timeline to include amazing, smart, funny, talented women. Also, since it’s still being used, I thought I’d update it to include some women who I’ve been enjoying since this is first published.

There’s also a GitHub repo that was created by Amira Hailemariam that you can PR and add to, to add your own favorite accounts to. This list is a super awesome resource, and I’m glad to see it still being updated by others!

However, for posterity on my own site, I wanted to include my updates as a post on here as well.

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