CodePen is a front-end playground and beloved tool of web builders everywhere. After having worked with a few of the CodePen founders on other projects in the past, we decided to go big or go home, and Sparkbox agreed to do a complete redesign of the tool.

This project was extremely fun, collaborative, and unlike any other redesign I’ve worked on. It’s not every client that speaks your language and quite literally builds the tools you use for your own work. It was exciting to create a new typographic system, update colors, and generally make a bunch of refreshing updates without losing their distinct brand voice.

Showcasing the amazing CodePen community was a key focus of the redesign. We were able to involve a lot of users who were eager to help out with user interviews and testing. We also prototyped new features, built a styleguide, and a experimented with a slew of other great techniques and processes that were extensively documented over on the redesign’s microsite and Chris and I discussed on the RWD Podcast.